Social engineering works as a manipulation of some people to fish out valuable information. These days, it has become the most threatening power on the Internet.

Changelly PRO pays particular attention to the security of the users, and we offer a wide range of instruments for your protection: 2FA, email confirmations, withdrawal whitelists, etc. However, such tools are not enough to protect you from social engineering.

Some dishonest Internet users may pose as Changelly PRO representatives and mislead inattentive users. The articles below should help you to study common fraudulent practices and avoid losing your money or personal data.

“Helpers” on Twitter

This malicious scheme works as follows: fraudsters find your tweets (for example, some questions sent to the official representatives of Changelly PRO). They send a message to you from an allegedly Changelly PRO account and ask you to send a payment for one or another service. 

Here are some tips to stay protected on Twitter:

1. Please be informed that we have one official account:

2. The only way to contact our support team is by submitting a request here:

3. Changelly PRO NEVER asks to pay for communication with the support team

“Helpers” on Facebook

Since we have a Facebook page, scammers may also impersonate the moderators of our page.

As a rule, the scammers monitor the comments left under some posts and contact anyone who asked some questions or needed any assistance. Communication takes place in direct messages and gradually comes to a request for payment or your login+password (because they want to “help” you).

Please pay attention to the manner of writing: they lack professional vocabulary, as well as literacy and clarity. We do not allow such negligence and illiteracy when communicating with our users. Of course, small typos or errors are possible because of the human factor, but our general style of correspondence is developed with care for the users. To summarize: scammers can be recognized by a big number of mistakes, sloppiness and rudeness.

Some of the tricks are visible from afar, but sometimes they can make you doubt yourself, not them! Please check these tips to to stay safe on Facebook:

1. Make sure that the messages are sent from this account:

2. If you need an assistance with a certain order, deposit or withdrawal, please submit a request to our Support team here and only here:

3. Changelly PRO will not ask you to send any money for support services.

“Announcements” from our team

This type of fraud is also quite spread: scammers post phony announcements on behalf of a company and try to get you into sending money, installing the malware or sharing the personal info.

Please stick to these rules to stay protected:

1. We post the full info about our promos in our blog and on our social media pages. Do not believe anything that differs from this info and tries to persuade you to send funds or disclose your account’s data. 

2. Please feel free to check the authenticity of any suspicious announcement with our support team here:

“Support phone numbers”

Important: Changelly PRO does not have any voice or telephone support. Please do not call any phone numbers that are presented as ours. 

We are happy to assist you via the Support Center. Our team is always trying to reply quickly and provide consistent answers in text form.

If you notice anything suspicious and looking like social engineering attempts, please let us know ASAP. We will immediately resolve your doubts!