Volatility is a part of the crypto world. Exchange rates fluctuate every minute, and this phenomenon may affect your transaction, namely the final amount you are going to receive.

When exchanging funds at a floating rate, please be aware that if the rate at the time of execution significantly deviates from the estimate, there will be a 1 hour cool-off period for the rate to get back inline or the transaction is cancelled altogether.

If your transaction is stuck or has a "Failed" status, please contact our support team at support@changelly.com or via live chat and specify your Changelly Transaction ID and transaction hash. Our support managers will attend to the matter as soon as possible and will clarify why your transaction was halted. If the issue was caused by extreme volatility, you will need to check the current exchange rate on Changelly, as it is possible the price has actually gone up. If the new rate satisfies you, you can ask our support team to push your transaction manually, and we will exchange your funds according to this new rate.  

The volatility mentioned above only affects floating rate transactions. If you would like to protect yourself from volatility, use the fixed rate option, which will lock your exchange rate for 15 minutes. This way, you will get exactly the amount that was initially estimated.