The email address acts as a unique identifier of your Changelly PRO account. This email cannot be used for several Changelly PRO accounts. Also, it can't be changed to another email address later. 

If lose access to your email, you can't see the confirmation emails and, as a result, withdraw money from your Changelly PRO account.

How to prevent such issues

Keep a close eye on your email address, check it regularly. If you don't use your email address for a long time, your email provider may deactivate it. 

Also, please use only reliable mail providers: Gmail, Hotmail, etc. 

Last but not least: please take care of your email security: enable 2FA and change the password once in a while.

How to deal with the loss of access to your email

We kindly recommend you to immediately contact your email provider. As a rule, email account access can be regained.

If it is impossible to regain the access, please contact Changelly PRO Support team via the ticket form

Important: please make sure to indicate the email address to which you do have access at the moment.