Remember: it is impossible to cancel a transaction if it is already completed and recorded in the blockchain. From which it also follows that you will not be able to return the funds if they went to a fraudulent address.

This is why it's necessary to stay alert and secure your account from intruders. Please use the following measures for the safety of your funds and data: 

Set up a strong password

Pay special attention to the password, make it complex and unique. Common dates, names, simple words are NOT at all suitable for this purpose! 

The best solution is a randomly generated password that can be stored in KeePass. If you change the password from time to time, its security increases significantly.

Only YOU should know your password, do NOT not disclose this important info to anyone, even to us. And remember: Changelly PRO never asks the users to provide it.

Enable 2-factor authentication

2FA is a key instrument helping to protect your account. Read more about 2FA here

We support 2 types of 2FA:

● 2FA based on code generating apps (Authy, Google Authenticator, etc.)

● YubiKey 2FA

Please enable at least one of these types (you can do that in the "Security" tab of your “Settings” page). Read more about the types of 2FA here: How to enable 2FA with a code-generating app, YubiKey for 2FA.

Your Devices

Your computers, phones, and other devices linked to your trading account should be kept in secure places. 

Make sure that you know all the apps that are installed on your device. It is highly recommended to use a separate computer for your trading activity, do not download irrelevant programs there. 

Also, we recommend using Linux or MacOs for trading purposes.

Please do not install any unfamiliar or newly released plugins and browser extensions. Any of them may be used to collect your personal data or swap your addresses with fraudulent ones. Do not save your password in the browser.

Pay attention to all your devices that are engaged in your trading at any level.

It would be great enabled fingerprint recognition and remote wipe of the data on your phone (if possible, of course).

Keep your devices away from children and do not share your phone or computer with anyone.

Keep your operating systems and software up-to-date, remove old and irrelevant applications.

Do not try to jailbreak your phone, even if you are a professional in this area.

Wi-Fi connection

You are free to use Wi-Fi to trade on Changelly PRO, but please ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is secure and safe. If you are not connected from the country with state-owned SSL certificates, your device will use the latest generation of SSL to transmit your data. Use VPN in case you still feel insecure.


Please create a strong and unique password. Do NOT use the same password for other websites or your email address. The best way is to randomly generate the password and store it in a special app, for example, KeePass.

Note: Do not share your password with anyone, neither verbally nor in messages! Changelly PRO team will never and under no circumstances ask you to provide this password. 


Enabling 2FA on your account must be inseparable from the registration process, since your safety is one of the highest values on Changelly PRO. Please don’t forget to switch 2FA on.

Whitelist of withdrawal addresses

All withdrawal addresses you trust can be whitelisted. It means they are added in a special list of addresses to which you can withdraw your funds. This security feature does not let anyone send the money to an unfamiliar address in case your account or email address are in the hands of attackers. Don’t hesitate to apply this method in order to increase the security of your account.


It is a good idea to create a separate email address for trading purposes. Make sure that your mail service is reliable: Gmail would be our top choice. Please remember to enable 2FA in order to receive notifications about log-ins from unknown IP addresses.

Do NOT open any unfamiliar attachments and strange external links that are surprisingly sent to your email address.

You can open the link only if you trust it and know the intentions of the sender. For example, you are free to open the confirmation link from Changelly PRO. This letter should be sent from address. Do not trust the “from” address, even if only one symbol there differs from

Monitor your mailbox from time to time. If someone signs into your account via new IP address or if they perform some withdrawals, you will be informed via email.

Please always check these notifications and let us know if something is wrong or suspicious

Phishing websites

The invention of complex cybercriminal strategies is an ongoing process. Nevertheless, many naive users fall for the old and well-known tricks, such as phishing websites. Scammers create fake websites that look similar to the original ones. People see a familiar design or URL and log in by entering their usernames and passwords from the original service. As a result, resourceful scammers gain access to personal data and money. It’s as simple as two plus two.

Note: Changelly PRO uses one URL only: If you are offered to use “something like that”, but not, please do not enter your private information on this website. Do not buy this trick, even if the interface of this site is identical to ours. Please always be 100% sure that you open Enter this URL manually or bookmark the address in your browser.

If you find a phishing website or receive some strange and unexpected letters from someone who claims to be a member of Changelly PRO team, please immediately let us know via the ticket form. We treat such cases very seriously and try to nip phishing sites’ activity in the bud. 

We appreciate your cooperation in this area! 

Contacting Changelly PRO

Changelly PRO does not have any voice or telephone support now. Do not call any numbers designated as Changelly PRO contacts. This is false information! Also, do not talk on the phone with anyone who claims to be a Changelly PRO representative. 

Reliable Changelly PRO contacts can be found in the “Contacts” section of our website. If you have any doubts regarding the conversions with our representatives on Facebook or Twitter, please contact our support team via the ticket form.

Important: Changelly PRO will NEVER ask you to send any assets for some contests, promos or other similar events. Do not trust such messages on supposedly our behalf! Always check the data you enter when making your trades and secure your account using 2FA and other helpful tools we provide. for participation in a contest or a promo. Please stay alert and aware of each of your actions on the platform, double-check the data you enter when sending the funds and always use protected Internet connections.

If you are 100% sure that your account is secure and safe, you are welcome to make your first trade on Changelly PRO.