First of all, please ensure that the currency you would like to send to your Changelly PRO account is supported by our platform.

Check the tickers

All digital currencies provided on crypto platforms have their own tickers that are the abbreviations for the full names of projects where these digital currencies were created.

Remember: Please be careful when choosing to send one or another crypto asset. The same ticker may be used by several projects. In addition, different exchange markets may use different tickers for the same project. Example: Changelly PRO uses the ticker USDT for OMNI-based coin while on some other platforms, USDT stands for the ERC-20 token which is listed as USDT20 on Changelly PRO. 

The full list of coins and tokens you can deposit is displayed on your “Wallet” page. There, besides the tickers, the full names of the assets are indicated.

During each operation, please make sure that the ticker/full name of the asset on Changelly PRO fully matches the ticker/full name on the platform from which the funds are deposited. If there is a mistake, your funds may be lost forever.

Ethereum tokens and contract addresses

An impressive number of tokens have been created on the basis of ETH smart contract, and some of them have the same name for one reason or another. No wonder that you can get confused very easily. It is very important to learn the differences of these ERC20 tokens, because if you deposit wrong tokens into your Changelly PRO account, they cannot be returned back somehow.

You can distinguish tokens by their unique contract addresses. For instance, the DAI contract address looks like this: 


When you need to deposit an ERC20 token into your Changelly PRO account, please check that its contract address matches the contract address on Changelly PRO. To do this, please open your “Wallet” page, find the token you are interested in and press “Deposit”. The link to the valid contract address will be displayed here.


Please always check that the contract addresses are matching. If they are different, your deposit will neither be completed nor canceled!


How to deposit cryptocurrency on Changelly PRO


All you need is to visit your “Wallet” page, generate and copy your address and use it to create a transaction on another platform where you store the funds. 


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deposit money into your Changelly PRO account:

1. Open your “Wallet” page or press the “Deposit” button in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Choose the crypto you wish to deposit (don’t hesitate to use the “Search” option) and click the green circle button in the “Deposit” column. Voila, your address has been generated.

3. Copy this address and use it when creating a transaction on an external service where your money is held. 

Note: You will also need to enter your Payment ID for some coins in the corresponding field. The info on Payment ID can be found below.

Payment ID

Please pay attention to the fact that an additional identifier may be required for some cryptocurrencies (e.g. DestinationTag for XRP, Message for XEM, etc). There is a special field for such ids - “Payment ID”. Never miss this important moment when initiating a deposit. If for some reason you made a mistake, please contact our support team. They will do their best to resolve this problem. 


Very important: Please always remember that each cryptocurrency in your trading account has its own unique address. If a deposit is made to the incorrect address, it cannot be automatically completed or refunded, as all confirmed on the blockchain payments are irreversible.

Please check these articles in case you've made a mistake with your deposit: Deposits sent by mistake, Wrong currency deposited


Receive your deposit

You can check the deposits in the “Latest transactions” tab (at the foot of your “Wallet” page). You see a pending transaction first, the balance of the account is updated a bit later. 

Is it possible to deposit fiat currencies?

You cannot deposit fiat currencies to Changelly PRO, but you can buy crypto with a bank card and have it automatically deposited to your Changelly PRO account. To do so go to the "Buy crypto" section. There choose the fiat currency you'd like to purchase crypto with, the crypto you want to buy, set the purchase amount and choose an available purchase provider and the payment method. After you set all the parameters, click the green "Continue" button. 

You'll be redirected to the chosen provider's widget. 

Follow the further steps in the widget. 

You'll be asked to provide your phone number and your email address. Also, please note that you'll need to verify your identity. To pass the verification procedure you'll need to upload the photo of your passport or the national ID and a selfie with the document. 

After the verification and the purchase itself is completed, the cryptocurrency will be deposited to your Changelly PRO account. To check the account balance open the "Wallet" section.