If you accidentally send a deposit to a wrong or mistyped address, there's a high possibility that your coins will be irretrievably lost as nobody has the key to such an address. Remember that blockchain transactions are irreversible, so always double-check that the destination address contains no typos or errors.

However, if by mistake you sent your cryptocurrency to a Changelly PRO address corresponding to another cryptocurrency, we'll probably be able to assist you. For instance, we can usually retrieve ETC sent to an ETH address. 

Please take into account that such a retrieval is a manual process which is also very time-consuming. It also requires mush effort from different Changelly PRO departments as well as many approvals from upper level. So, we highly recommend you to check all the transaction's details attentively before sending your funds in order to avoid this procedure and the possible delays and issues which could arise from it. 

Please remember the following:

the retrieval of deposits sent by mistake is time-consuming. Please be prepared to wait; 

● such deposits may be only refunded manually, thus sent from a cryptocurrency exchange with the fees of this exchange applied to your initial deposit.


Some cases with wrong deposits can't be solved at all. Please contact our Support Team to see if your deposit can be retrieved. We'll do our best to help you.