We at Changelly are striving to provide the most seamless and most effortless way to convert your cryptos. The exchange time takes from 2 to 30 (in rare cases) minutes. However, our instant system has technical nuances that don’t depend on us but sometimes making you wait. Let’s observe complications related to NEO input transfers in this article.

As you know, NEO network is running on smart contracts. The distinctive feature of this system is simple integration of the existing developer ecosystem. The main point is that they don't have to use a new programming language but C#, Java and other widespread programming languages for smart contract development, debugging and compilation. Pretty cool, right?

So, there are two ways to generate smart contracts within NEO ecosystem:

  1. Contract User Authentication: Here the smart contract is a contract account. When the user requests to use the contract account in an asset, it will trigger the smart contract.
  2. Manually call a smart contract: Here the user sends a transaction (Invocation Transaction) to trigger the implementation of a smart contract.

Speaking of the 2nd option, several receivers may not be technically set up to receive this type of NEO transactions. Such payments sent to Changelly addresses won't be displayed in our system and hence, we'll be forced to process them manually. Here's what NEO invocation transactions look like in the blockchain:

So, if you send NEO invocation payments to Changelly, our system won't detect your transfer. It happens because NEO invocation transfers do not appear in some Block Explorers. As a result, such transfers cannot get processed automatically.

There is no need to worry if you sent us NEO invocation payment by accident. Your funds won’t be lost, and we’ll surely refund them. But please pay attention to the fact that such matters require manual attention from our technical department. Therefore the time of resolving such cases may take up to 20 business days. To avoid that, you must be 100% sure that you are sending us non-invocation payments. In case you don’t know the exact type of payment sent from your wallet, we highly recommend you to contact their support first, and after clarification, initiate your exchange at Changelly.