If you see this message in your transaction status, it means that we haven’t received money from you that is related to that transaction. 

Why does it happen?

  • Probably, the payment is tied to another transaction ID. If you are sure that money has been sent to Changelly, check your transaction history. 

  • Money is sent to a wallet address that doesn’t belong to Changelly. 

  • Destination tag / memo / message is missing. When you send either of XEM, Stellar, Steem/SBD, Decent or XRP.

  • There are technical issues with a crypto you’ve sent.

In the least three cases, you have to contact our support team and provide your transaction hash, so we could find out the reason for the matter.

Invalid output hash

After transaction is finished, you get a receipt from Changelly with the output transaction hash serving as a proof that your money is exchanged and sent to your destination wallet address. The hash is clickable, so you can check it directly via block explorers. On rare occasions, the output transaction hash may turn out to be invalid. This happens on certain blockchain networks due to overload or other technical issues and means that the transaction didn’t get confirmed, hence your money is still not sent. If you faced such an obstacle, please report it to our support team, so that we will resend your money. Often, resending resolves the matter.

The transaction is finished, but there is no money in my wallet

If your transaction is finished, and its hash is valid, but you can’t find your funds a wallet, follow the steps below:

  • In your transaction history, check the receiver. The address specified in this field must match to the wallet address you are checking;

  • Update/sync your wallet. If you use offline or core wallets, you need to sync your wallet each time you send or receive money. Likewise, if you use the old version of a wallet, it may display your balance incorrectly. 

  • If you are about to receive either of XEM, Stellar, Steem/SBD, Decent or XRP, make sure that your wallet doesn’t require destination tag / memo / message. 

  • Contact the support team of your wallet to find out the reason for this matter.