• Each transaction at Changelly passes three steps. Usually, our transactions take 5-30 minutes to be fully processed. If your transaction takes longer, this could be due to a variety of factors. To find out the reason of the delay, it is important to determine what stage it happened on. Go to your History page, find the transaction you have issues with and look at its status.

Waiting for payment

If your transaction is stuck at the “Waiting for payment” stage, it means that we haven’t received money from you, so far.

Why did it happen?

  • Blockchain overload. This is the most common reason for backlogs. You’ve sent money to our wallet, and now your transaction is in the queue to be broadcasted in the network. Just wait until your transaction shows up in the blockchain and gets at least two confirmations. As a rule, it’s enough for us to receive your coins.

  • Incorrect memo / destination tag / message. If you are sending us Ripple, XEM, Stellar, EOS, BNB or ETN to exchange, the transaction in your History page will have its unique memo, destination tag or message, depending on what crypto you are about to exchange. Compare them to the one you’ve already put in when sending the coins. It should match to the one indicated in your transaction from the History page. If you make a typo or input a completely different memo, destination tag or message, your transaction will not pass through automatically. To process it, you will have to contact our support team and provide all the payment details including your transaction ID on Changelly and a link to your transaction in a blockchain. Once provided, this data will be used to process your transaction manually: we will either refund your coins or exchange them at the rate relevant for the manual processing time.

  • You’ve sent your coins to a different wallet.

  • Other technical reasons. If there is no overload, and no other obstacles on your end, there are likely to be some technical issues in our system. You can wait until our tech team resolves the matter or contact us and provide more details about your pending transaction. 


If the Exchanging stage takes more than expected, there might be due to several issues.

  • Market overload. You are buying crypto at the peak or significant uptick, there is a risk of exchange backlogs due to increasing demand. In this case, your transaction may be stuck at Exchanging.

  • Technical issues at trading partners. As you may know, Changelly works with large trading platforms. The robot selects a rate and processes your transaction via either of the platforms. On rare occasions, it may have technical issues and halt orders for some reason.

Both of these issues take time to resolve. If you suspect this is the case, you should report us, so that we can provide you with more detailed information on your matter.


Your transaction may be stuck at sending if:

  • The blockchain is overloaded. There are many transactions waiting to go through, including yours. This issue occurs on the Bitcoin, Bitcoin-based and Ethereum blockchains. Unfortunately, the only thing to do is wait it out. Changelly has no control over a blockchain overload.

Overall issues

The list of issues below may concern all the stages.

  • Coin under maintenance. If we consider some coin doesn’t work properly on Changelly or it should be updated, we can halt all transactions related to that coin. Once the coin is back, your transaction is automatically processed at the rate relevant for this moment.

  • Server DDoS attacks or overloads. Such things may happen to any service. If our servers are backlogged or down, you must wait until the issue is fixed. 

  • Security reasons. We can halt your transaction if we suspect the fact of money laundering or fraud.

What should I do?

Take a deep breath and relax. If your transaction is stuck due to technical issues, then we are likely to know about them and make every our effort to make things work again. If you consider the delay is made by your fault, get assistance at our support team.