1. Transfer your assets to your trading account.


To transfer your funds click the green arrow between your Main account and your Trading account. 


Then enter the amount you wish to transfer and press the “Transfer” button. 

2. Create an order.


After the money has been transferred to your Trading account, please open the trading terminal and the “Markets” tab right after that. Choose a trading pair and set up an order.


There are five types of orders on ChangellyPRO:

● Market

● Limit

● Stop

● Stop-limit
● Scaled

A brief description of each type appears when you hover over the question mark next to their names.


On the screenshot below you see the market order for 0.01 BTC purchase on the BTC/USDT market

Click the “Buy Market” button to start a trade.


If you would like to check the details of your trade, please view it in the “My Orders and Trades” block on the “Trade” page. Note: cancelled/rejected orders are displayed here only for 24 hours.