Changelly PRO is required to identify its users. We do this to help prevent the use of fraudulent accounts, and to also keep our customer base safe. The Changelly PRO risk management team verifies trading activities within the platform ensuring full compliance with international AML and KYC regulations. 

We offer different levels of verification for your account – Starter,  Trader, and Pro. As soon as you register with your email, you become a Starter and are allowed to start trading, however we urge you to reach the Trader status.

Benefits of upgrading an account to TRADER status

1. Take advantage of lower fees and higher limits 

Only verified users have the opportunity to take advantage of Changelly PRO’s 10 levels of discounted fees, rewarding you further based on the volume you trade. 

2. Increased security to keep you safe

Imagine ever losing your 2FA device, or getting your account deleted or worse! As a verified user you’ll easily regain access to our Changelly PRO account quickly and easily. 

3. Streamlined service 

Becoming verified as a user gives you better access to Changelly PRO’s full suite of services, be it; security, customer care and gives you peace of mind that everything is under control. 

Verification Guide to TRADER status

1. Choose the level of verification that reflects your trading activities 

It’s important to know what you’re being verified for. Via Changelly PRO we have compiled a list of three levels of verification, and what we’d need for there to be no issues for your trades. 

            1. Starter

                        Withdrawal limit: Withdrawal < 1 BTC equivalent per day

                        Requirements: No ID required

            2. Trader 

                        Withdrawal limit: Withdrawal <50 BTC equivalent per day

                        Requirements: National ID required

            3. PRO 

                        Withdrawal limit: Withdrawal > 50 BTC equivalent per day 

                        Requirements: Personal assistance required

2. Prepare all documentation beforehand 

Before you start the verification process to upgrade to Trader account status, it’s important to prepare all the necessary documents: your international passport, government-issued national ID card, or driver’s license.

Our identity verification application consists of two parts, one stating your country of residence, phone number, a high-resolution image and providing a document proving your identity.

3. Open the KYC tab once you’re signed up and fill in the relevant information, as seen below. 

4. Upload a photo of your ID document (front and back)

Here you can provide a photo of your original ID document. Whether you’re taking a photo with your phone or uploading it from your computer, make sure that all letters and numbers are in latin, clearly readable, with no glare.

5. Upload a selfie

It’s best to upload a photo of you holding your identity document. Make sure that: (Minimum size: 500KB and maximum size: 10MB)

● The document has your signature

● All text is visible

● You are looking straight into the camera

● The background is a light, neutral color

● The photo is in color

● You are not wearing accessories (e.g. sunglasses, a hat, or a headband)

6. Click on ‘Request Verification’ 

7. Wait for an email back from the team, and you’re good to go! 

You’ve submitted your application for Verification on Changelly PRO. 

Verification Guide to PRO status

Firstly, you need to upgrade to TRADER status. Secondly, to access a PRO status that includes negotiable fees, higher API limits, dedicated account manager, you would have to leave contacts for video call where we conduct an interview and request additional documents.

If you’ve got further questions surrounding our verification process you’re welcome to send an email to