To create a sub-account, you need to pass the KYC verification. Once the account is verified, the “Sub-accounts” option will become available to you. The account you have originally created on Changelly RPO will now become your master account.            

To create a sub-account just click the “Create sub-account” button in the upper right corner of the "Sub-accounts" tab.      

Enter the email address you wish your new sub-account associated with, then create and confirm your password. Important: you can't use a email address already registered on Changelly PRO for this operation.

The account should now have the “Invited” status in your "Sub-accounts" tab. 

The email you used should receive a message from us which will contain a secure link. Click this link and follow the further instructions of the system to confirm the creation of your new sub-account. 

After the confirmation your new sub-account will have the "Active" status.