First of all, check the status of your withdrawal. The possible statuses are as follows: (Pending)

- Please just wait a little. It takes some time for the transaction to be processed and for the hash to be generated. If your withdrawal is stuck at the Pending status for more than a few minutes, feel free to contact our Support team.(Committed)

- Your withdrawal has been committed and broadcast to the blockchain. You’ll receive your funds soon. Feel free to check the withdrawal hash to monitor the status of your transfer. (Failed or Cancelled)

- Your withdrawal might have failed due to one of either of these reasons: the payment details might be incorrect or the network is overloaded; or

- You’ve canceled this withdrawal.

If this is the case, the funds have been returned to your account, so you can try to withdraw them again.

If the status of your withdrawal is "Success" and the hash is valid and has no errors, it means that the transaction has been completed and the funds must be in your wallet.    

If you don’t see the funds at your destination address, please check the status of your transaction on the block explorer. Click the link of the transaction hash at the Payment History page. In case you see any errors when opening the hash, please contact our support team via the ticket form. If there’re no errors, it means that the transfer has been successfully completed on our end. If the funds are not reflected in your wallet, you can try to update it or sync the wallet with the blockchain. If it doesn’t help, please contact the wallet’s support team for assistance.