"Withdrawals are temporarily disabled on your account"

For various security reasons, the withdrawals may be restricted for your account. In case you don’t know what might have caused it, please contact the Changelly PRO Support team   

"This destination address is not whitelisted"             

The error is “This destination address is not whitelisted. You can add it to your whitelist here.”        

If you enabled the Whitelist on your account, you can only withdraw your funds to the addresses from this list only. 

The issue may be solved, if you check the following: 

1. Please note that the Whitelist is case-sensitive. So, if you see this error, first make sure that the recipient address exactly matches the address that was added to your Whitelist, including the case of the symbols. 

2. Please keep in mind the Payment ID that may be required for withdrawals of a certain asset. If the Payment ID (memo, message, destination tag, etc.) is required by the receiving service, you need to enter the ID when withdrawing your funds to this service. In order to withdraw your funds with an Payment ID, it must be also added to the Whitelist. The system won’t let you perform a withdrawal with your Payment ID unless it is whitelisted along with the address, using the special field.

3. You need to separately add an address for each coin or token. 
A whitelisted ETH address can’t be used to withdraw an ERC-20 token until you whitelist this address for this very token by selecting its ticker in the dropdown menu “Currency.” 

Please note that after whitelisting a new address/Payment ID, all withdrawals from your account will be suspended for 48 hours. You will see a corresponding notification on your Wallet page. This is a security measure necessary to ensure the safety of your funds.


"Withdrawals from your account are suspended"  

The two possible reasons for this error are:

Amendments to your Whitelist 

If you use a withdrawals whitelist, you can see this error message in case: 

1. A new address was added to your Whitelist. Whenever that happens, your withdrawals are suspended for 48 hours.

2. The Whitelist in your account was disabled. To ensure the safety of your funds, your withdrawals will be suspended for 48 hours. 

Please take into account that this measure is vital for the account security. This restriction can’t be disabled before the set time even in case of your request to our Support team. 

Password reset                

If someone has gained access to your email, they may change your password with the password recovery option. For this reason, once the password recovery request is created and successfully confirmed, all withdrawals from the account are suspended for 72 hours. 

If you didn’t reset your password and didn’t make any amendments to your Whitelist, please contact our Support team for assistance.

"An error occurred" 

If you see the error message “An error occurred” when you try to deposit/transfer or withdraw your funds, the error might be caused by an issue with your browser. So please try to clear the local cache for Changelly PRO in your browser. In most cases it helps. 

Here are the hotkeys for different operating systems:                

Windows: Ctrl + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Command + R 

Linux: F5            

In case you use a VPN, please try to turn it off. It may help as well. 

In case nothing worked, please submit a ticket to Changelly PRO Support team.