What is transaction hash? 

Transaction hash (txid) is an identifier used to uniquely identify a particular blockchain transaction. A transaction hash usually looks like a random set of letters and/or numbers.

This is an example of a Bitcoin transaction hash:        


The hash can be used to locate a transaction in the blockchain and for many currencies to check the transaction details also. 

Where to find a transaction hash?        

The hash can be found in the transactions history section of the service (wallet, exchange platform, etc.) you used to perform a certain transaction. If you can’t find your hash in the history, we recommend you to contact the support team of the service and ask them for assistance.             

If you’re looking for the hash of a certain deposit or withdrawal on Changelly PRO, you should open the “Wallet” tab and scroll down to the “Latest transactions” section on the bottom of the page. The hash can be found, if you click the “?” button next to the status column of a particular operation. 

You can also find the hash on the “Reports” tab. The hashes can be found in a separate column on the right. 

Just click on the hash to open your transaction in a blockchain explorer.             

Please take into account that the IDs in the “ID” column, which look like this: mpl4h8hj2-671b-89m4-r8jk-5klw907n4a2t, are not transaction hashes, these are Changelly PRO internal transaction identifiers. You won’t be able to find any relevant information with this ID in a blockchain explorer.