Changelly PRO uses a wallet software, which is significantly different from a regular wallet for single-person use. It’s a complex system which is able to perform dozens of operations per second. We use it to operate with the funds of our traders, so it is required to always remain secure and online.

In order to achieve this goal and make sure that the wallet meets the highest requirements, we need to regularly perform its maintenance. We are constantly in touch with the Dev teams of the assets supported, providing mutual assistance. In case we receive any updates from them or some information regarding the issues with a certain coin, we’ll need to perform the wallet’s maintenance. Sometimes we also make our own changes in the software to adapt it to our traders' needs. In most cases the maintenance is very fast, but in some rare occasions it can take a significant amount of time.

Please take into consideration that the safety and comfort of our traders and their funds are our top priorities. And to keep the comfort and safety at the high level the maintenance is essential.