Changelly PRO’s trading fees are flexible and easy for understanding. You get lower trading fees when your trading volume increases. Once your volume reaches a certain point, we even start paying you for your trading!    

The information on your 30-day trading volume is calculated every day at 00:00 UTC. Based on the results, our system updates your fee tier. If the tier changes, your new fees will be available within an hour.

For more information on fee levels please refer to the table below. You can also find this data in the Fee tier section along with your current trading volume and fee rates.

Trading fees for Trader and Verified accounts based on volume

Level30-days Trading Volume(BTC)Maker FeeTaker Fee
10 BTC0.1%0.1%
25 BTC0.09%0.1%
310 BTC0.08%0.09%
450 BTC0.075%0.085%
5250 BTC0.07%0.08%
6500 BTC0.06%0.08%
71000 BTC0.04%0.06%
85000 BTC0.03%0.06%
910000 BTC0.02%0.06%
1020000 BTC0.01%0.05%
1150000 BTC0%0.04%
12100000 BTC0%0.03%