You can understand that a stranger is using your account by one of the signs below:

● You see trades and payments which you did not commit (it can be checked in your account Reports)

● You received notification emails which you did not request;

● You see some unknown sessions and activities in your Security log.

If you encounter any of these, please use the security measures to take your account back:

1. Change your password and terminate all sessions;

2. Enable 2FA (if it hasn’t been done before);

3. Change the password of the email address associated with your trading account;

4. Scan your computer for malware;

5. Make sure that you're not using public/unprotected Wi-Fi.

The scammers will lose access to your account, but you should not relax. Please protect your account by enabling ALL possible security methods available on Changelly PRO.

In case you face any difficulties when logging into your account, and you think that they are caused by some malicious acts, please let us know immediately via the ticket form