After a trader understands the principles of technical and fundamental analysis, they should learn to read the order books.

An order book is a tool that displays the interests of people who want to buy or sell a particular asset: bids and asks.

A bid is how much a buyer wants to pay for a certain amount of an asset, and an ask is how much a seller wants to receive for a certain amount of an asset. 

In the left column of the order book on Changelly PRO you see the bids for people buying a certain currency and in the right column you see the asks for people selling it. The “Amount” column represents how much of the asset is being bought or sold.


It is important to know how to read order books, because they indicate “the market health” of an asset. A dynamic order book is a sign of a high liquidity and resistance to pumping and dumping. When an order book is active, the crypto can be bought or sold without any significant rate fluctuations.