2-factor authenticator (or 2FA) is an essential security tool that we strongly suggest to enable when creating a Changelly PRO account. It’s the first and the simplest step to protect your account. Even if a scammer gets the access to your password, it will be impossible for them to use it without a 2FA code.

How does Two-factor authentication (2FA) increase account security?

The name “Two-factor authentication” speaks for itself. This tool includes two factors (or methods) of identity verification, such as 1) your password/username and 2) the info that only you have access to (2FA codes on your phone, for example).

Two-factor authentication acts as a safeguard mechanism against different kinds of cyberattacks, and prevents the access to your account by the scammers who in any way discovered your username and password.

How to secure your account using 2FA

2FA (2-factor authentication) is a vital feature for any account where your personal data or the money is stored. Please follow these steps in order to switch 2FA on your Changelly PRO account:

1. Please open your “Settings: page at the top right corner of the main page. Click the “Security” tab.

2. Download an app for your 2FA codes. We highly recommend you to use Authy on https://authy.com/

FreeOTP and Google Authenticator are also possible options.

Google Authenticator Pros/Cons

Google Authenticator is an app used for 2FA codes generation. The codes are random and renewed every 30 seconds.


        ● The app is available even if you don't have Wi-Fi or mobile Internet on your phone.


        ● A smartphone (or a similar device) is needed;

        ● Your phone is not always charged;

        ● It becomes hard to restore the access to your account if your phone is lost or set back to factory settings.

Please take a look at these articles for more information on 2FA apps and how to use them: How to enable 2FA with a code-generating app & YubiKey for 2FA.