The cryptocurrency industry is developing at incredible speed, and at the same time it attracts a huge number of cybercriminals and scammers.

Specialized security techniques complicate the work of crypto criminals, however, such techniques are not always enough to protect you from social engineering.

Social engineering became a very significant problem for the online community. Please remember that there is an enormous amount of fraudsters whose aim is to steal money from careless traders. Even the simplest and long-known tricks attract a sufficient amount of unprotected Internet users, which provides thieves with a comfortable old age.

The fraud techniques are becoming more and more advanced, which makes us seriously think about protecting the accounts of our customers. Changelly PRO pays particular attention to the safety of your funds. Here are some of the security methods that we offer:

    ● 2FA (two-factor authentication)

    ● email confirmations for major account activities

    ● withdrawal whitelists

We strongly encourage you to switch on the security tools available and be careful while trading.