In order to set up a new account, please open the main page of the website and click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page. 

After that, the registration page will open. Please enter your data in the corresponding fields of this page.

We highly recommend entering your valid email address in the “Email” field.

Important: The email address acts as a unique identifier of your Changelly PRO account. This email CANNOT be changed later if it has already been used for a new account. That is why we strongly suggest you NOT to use temporary/throwaway email addresses to register at Changelly PRO. Also, please do NOT use your work/school emails, since they may be blocked by the administrator of your work/school system.  

Please set up a strong password in the 'Password' field. It must include at least 8 characters and consist of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and digits.

Finally, please specify your country, your full name, and phone number. Click the ”Finish registration” button. After that, the activation email will immediately be sent to your email address. If the letter is not received in 2-5 minutes, please check your Spam folder.

Please open the email and click the link there to activate your Changelly PRO account. Activation can be considered successful if you are redirected to the Changelly PRO trading terminal. It means that your email address is confirmed, and you are free to use your account.

Note: We recommend you to sign in to your account regularly. Please do not leave your account inactive for a prolonged period of time. Otherwise, it may be temporarily disabled for security reasons.