If you posted a ticket on Changelly and haven't received any answer within ETA indicated, most probably, this is due to the fact that our support team is heavily overloaded at the moment. However, some technical issues preventing us from receiving a ticket might have occurred as well, and you may repeat your request to make sure that your question is taken into consideration. 

Please follow these simple rules in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion:

  •  Keep on writing in the initial ticket posted and avoid generating multiple ones. Otherwise, the information you provided before might be overlooked. 

  • Use only one channel of communication (email, Facebook, or Twitter on your choice). The reason is just the same, it is much more convenient and safe to receive all the details from one source than many, and your request will be processed faster in this case. 

  • When communicating with Changelly via email, please try to use the same email you used to generate the account. This will give us immediate access to a large body of supplementary data, which can be very helpful in resolving your issue. If you are writing via Twitter or Facebook, indicate this email address, too. 

  • Try to indicate all the information related to your query in your initial ticket. 

  • Try to write in English only, otherwise, unfortunately, your query might be misunderstood. 

If you communicated with our support team already and you got a notification that your ticket was forwarded to a higher level for further investigation, kindly await the reply. There is a queue of requests being processed by our technical department, so you will certainly receive a response once your turn comes. We are doing our best to accelerate the process, but there are periods of high demand when it is impossible to fulfill all the requests at once. Also, our team is always ready to provide you with the solution via our live-chat. According to the legend, users can receive their answers the way faster via this type of interaction ;)